The notation of a two-dimensional array is – 


(like programming implementation in C++ or Java)



This multi-dimension concept is for visualization only but in memory, the elements are stored in the same linear fashion like a one-dimensional array. 


Now, this linearization is achieved using two techniques - 

Row-major order (rows are stored sequentially)

Column-major order (columns are stored sequentially)



Here we cover some Matrix Programs in C, C++, JAVA, and Python along with algorithms and time and space complexity analysis. 


It covers all courses like B.Sc Computer Sc., BCA, Btech, M.Sc Computer Sc., MCA and also school level Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12.


Matrix program which is not present in the given list mail us as per your requirement.


Enjoy all Matrix Programs:

1.  Matrix Addition

2.  Matrix Subtraction

3.  Matrix Multiplication

4.  Matrix Determinant

5.  Transpose of a Matrix

6.  Checking of Square Matrix

7.  Checking different types of Matrices

8.  Null Matrix

9.  Interchanging Row and Column in a Matrix

10.  Interchanging the Diagonal of a Matrix

11.  Matrix Multiplication Recursive

12.  Frequency of Odd and Even in a Matrix

13.  Upper Triangular Matrix Checking

14.  Lower Triangular Matrix Checking

15.  Finding Upper Triangular Matrix

16.  Finding Lower Triangular Matrix

17.  Sorting Row and Column of a Matrix

18.  Find Trace and Normal of a Matrix

19.  Saddle Point of a Matrix

20.  Symmetric Matrix

21.  Skew Symmetric Matrix

22.  Columns Sort in Ascending Order of a Matrix

23.  Spiral Matrix