Basic Programs

In this site, we cover almost all basic programs in C, C++, JAVA, and Python along with algorithms and time and space complexity analysis. For other basic programs which is not covered in this site please mail us. We will upload it shortly as per your demand.


Enjoy the all Basic Programs:

1.  Largest number between two or three numbers

2.  Find Largest Number by Menu Driven

3.  Even and Odd numbers

4.  Swapping Two Values

5.  Swapping values without third variable

6.  Leap Year

7.  Basic Calculator

8.  Fahrenheit to Celsius

9.  ASCII value

10.  Average of Numbers

11.  Average of Even Numbers

12.  Average Of Odd Numbers

13.  Sum of n Numbers

14.  Sum of n Natural Numbers

15.  Factorial

16.  Factorial with Recursion

17.  Multiplication Table

18.  Exponential without function

19.  Number Reverse

20.  String Reverse

21.  Fibonacci series

22.  Fibonacci Series with recursion

23.  Prime Number

24.  Prime Numbers between 1 and 100

25.  Prime Numbers in a given range

26.  Twin Prime

27.  Twin Prime Range

28.  Prime factors of a number

29.  Prime Factors of range of Numbers

30.  LCM of N numbers

31.  GCD of N numbers

32.  Sum of the digits

33.  Palindrome Number

34.  Armstrong Number

35.  Binary to Decimal

36.  Binary to Octal

37.  Binary to HexaDecimal

38.  Decimal to Binary

39.  Decimal to Octal

40.  Decimal to Hexadecimal

41.  Hexadecimal to Binary

42.  Hexadecimal to Octal

43.  Hexadecimal to Decimal

44.  Octal to Binary

45.  Octal to Hexadecimal

46.  Octal to Decimal

47.  Sorting an Array

48.  Remove Duplicate Elements from an Array

49.  Left Rotate of an Array

50.  Right Rotate by 2 of an Array