Context Free Language:


Prerequisite: Chapter (Identification of Language)


Context Free Language (CFL)


A language L is said to be Context Free Language (CFL) iff there exist a Context Free Grammar G such L(G) = L.   



CFL has two types: 


1. Deterministic Context Free Language (DCFL) 

2. Non-Deterministic Context Free Language (NCFL) 


Note: We already discuss Context Free Language in Chapter (Identification of Language).


To know about DCFL and NCFL please follow the previous Chapter (Identification of Language).


Still, we just discuss some of the Context Free Grammar.


Example of some Context Free Langauge  ∑ = {a, b}


(For details follow chapter Example 2)
(For details follow chapter Example 1)

- we can use any of the symbols #, C ∉ ∑, which is not in ∑.    DCFL        


In case of palindrome ωωR and ω = ωR where ω ∊ (a, b)* is same.