Mathematics material has been designed for all competitive examinee and related courses.

It covers two sections "Quantitative Aptitude" and "Reasoning". All topics of each section explain in detail with various examples and exercises.


Quantitative Aptitude Includes:

1. Fundamentals
  1.1 Basic Fundamental Concept
  1.2 2 Digit Number Multiplication(Shortcut)
  1.3 3 Digit Number Multiplication(Shortcut)
  1.4 Special Cases of Multiplication
  1.5 Cube and Cube Root
2. Simplification and Approximation
  2.1 Concept of Simplification and Approximation
  2.2 Example of Simplification and Approximation
3. Inequality and Quadratic Equation
  3.1 Concept of Inequality and Quadratic Equation
  3.2 Special Type Equations
4. Average
  4.1 Concept of Average
  4.2 Different type of problem of Average
5. Percentage
  5.1 Concept Percentage and Examples
  5.2 Some important formula of Percentage
6. Simple and Compound Interest
  6.1 Concept of simple and Compound Interest
  6.2 Few important formula
7. Ratio Proportion and Examples
8. Profit and Loss
  8.1 Concept of Profit and Loss
  8.2 Profit and Loss other Formula and Examples
9. Data Interpretation
  9.1 Concept of Data Interpretation
  9.2 Bar Graph
  9.3 Line Graphs
  9.4 Table DI
  9.5 Pie Chart
  9.6 Caselet DI Part I
  9.7 Caselet DI Part II
10. Concept of Partnership and Examples
11. Mixture and Allegation
  11.1 Allegation Concept and Examples
  11.2 Exercise 
  11.3 Mixture and Allegation Sums Solved(Shortcut)
12. Time and Work Concept and Examples


Reasoning Includes:

1. Alpha Numeric Series
  1.1 Concept of Alpha Numeric Series
  1.2 Examples on Alpha Numeric Series
2. Order and Ranking
  2.1 Concept of Order and Ranking with Examples
  2.3 Different Type of Problem on Ordering and Ranking
3. Blood Relation
  3.1 Concept of Blood Relation with Examples
  3.2 Examples of Blood Relation
  3.3 Puzzle Type Problem of Blood Relation
4. Coding-Decoding
  4.1 Concept of Coding & Decoding
  4.2 Letter Coding
  4.3 Symbol Coding
  4.4 Coding in Different Languages
  4.5 Coding based on Conditions
5. Inequalities
  5.1 Concept of Inequalities
  5.2 Problem of Inequalities
  5.3 Coded Inequalities
6. Clock Problem Concept and Examples
7. Seating Arrangement Concept and Examples
8. Calendar Concept and examples
9. Coding and Decoding Concept and Examples
10. Direction Concept and Examples
11. Number Series Concept and Examples